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"Be a path finder, not a fault finder".

Allan K Johansen, DVM GCP Auditor & Consultant

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Brand new website
In conjunction with the 5th Anniversary of a3 GCP Consulting, we have launched this brand new responsive website - it is very exciting times! I hope you find the site informative and interesting. From time to time I'll post news here related to GCP auditing in general and my business in particular.
A CTC in my own community
I attended a "Discussion Forum that will guide the development of a new, globally competitive, industry-focused, Clinical Trial Centre". The CTC is planned to be located at the new $2 billion 450 beds Sunshine Coast University Hospital opening in 2016. For me it is exciting to be part of this project, using the clinical QA experience obtained globally in the past nearly 14 years to support such an activity in my own local community.

What are people saying?

  • I have worked with Allan during the period of 1999 to 2010. Together, we have made significant contribution to build up infrastructure and quality that enables Asia-Pacific to become a top drug development region. Allan 's approach to clinical auditing is more of a coach/trainer and not a policeman and he and his staff are therefore, always welcome at investigational sites. In his work with FERCAP/WHO, Allan is a prime driver in improving the quality of IRBs (Institutional Review Boards) within the Asia-Pacific region. Allan is well respected by institutions as well as pharmaceutical industry within the region and globally.
    Dr. Edmund Tsuei Former Regional Head, Pharma Development Operations, Asia-Pacific-Africa, Roche Pharmaceuticals, worked with Allan at Roche Products Pty limited, Dee Why
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